Merlin Season 4


Merlin Season Four opens with a very nice new intro for the show and begins approximately one year after the last season ended.

Arthur is ruling Camelot but forces are aligning against him and even those whom he thinks friends may be actually assisting Morgana, the exiled sorceress, in destroying Camelot. The ensuing battle is what you have to expect and wait for when you start the season and while the build for Merlin over the last few seasons has been slow, it all starts to pay off in Merlin Season 4.

Merlin season 4Over the first few episodes, the enemies of Arthur, Camelot, and the Knights of the Round Table are organizing, coming together, and hatching their plans.
The evil tends to lurk just below the surface and we watch on as these plots are discovered and investigated by Arthur, Merlin, and his cohorts.
There are some excellent action set pieces in the earlier episodes of Merlin Season 4 but once the forces of good finally discover the plots that have been brewing, the action absolutely kicks up.
There’s some particularly good special effects work on the magic effects used by Morgana and Merlin!My major complaint with Merlin, the show, has been the actual use of Merlin, the wizard, throughout the series.
Magic tends to be a crutch that the show leans on whenever the plot gets too complex or the conflict starts to overtake the heroes.
Thankfully, this has been largely fixed in Merlin Season 4!
While there are a couple moments where the magic use is completely unnecessary, those instance are minor compared to the blunders from seasons past.In fact, the sparing use of spells in the season 4 makes those high octane moments with Morgana and Merlin all that more interesting and special.
Unfortunately, while the magic has been fixed, the freak of the week fantasy monster structure remains largely intact.
The CGI effects on these mythical creatures has improved slightly since last year, but the actual usage of these beasts still only serve to detract from the wonderful sets, acting, and drama between the characters.
Despite this lumbering monsters and flying beasties, the show has matured well beyond the first season.
The characters are deeper, the acting better, and the story more intricate than ever.
If you are a fan of Merlin or fantasy in general, you owe it to yourself to watch this!

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Already season 5 is out.